Establishing an Ecology Lab

If you are planning to start offering an ecological studies course in your college, it is a good idea to set up an ecology lab first. It is frankly very hard to teach an ecological studies course properly without having a lab. That is because, in the absence of a lab, you would have no way of demonstrating some of the concepts to the students. You would therefore end up producing half-baked graduates from your ecological studies course.

To establish an ecology lab in your college, you need to:

  1. Put up the building where the ecology lab is to be based: this can be a brand new building that is set up with the sole intention of hosting the ecology lab. Or you can opt to convert one of the unutilized or underutilized buildings in your college into an ecology lab.
  2. Acquire the equipment you need for the ecology lab: some of the equipment you need for the ecology lab may be obtainable locally. The rest you may have to import. There are some bits that you may have to buy online. Don’t let the idea of buying lab equipment online disconcert you. You can pay for the equipment you order online through your PayPal account. Alternatively, you can use one of your credit cards to pay for the equipment that you will be ordering online. If, for instance, you are using a Capital One credit card for the purpose, all you’d need is the Capital One reservation number and access code to activate the card. Of course, if you don’t have the card to start with, you’d have to go through the capital one get my card process, to lay your hands on the credit card, after which you can use it to pay for the lab equipment you will be ordering for online.
  3. Employ the staff you need to man the ecology lab: at the very least, you need to have a lab technologist to help the students who will be using the ecology lab. Gradually, you could have research assistants and tutorial fellows working in the lab as well. On another note, if the equipment in the lab is expensive, you may consider hiring people to guard the facility as well.

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