How to Establish a Faculty of Ecological Studies in a College

The task of establishing a faculty of ecological studies in a college is not as easy as it looks. There are several challenges to expected, in this sort of task. You see, some of the resources you need to have, while setting up this sort of faculty, won’t be easy to come by. And you will need many people’s goodwill, if you are to be successful in setting up a faculty of ecological studies. Remember, ecology is one of those areas of study whose benefits are not obvious to most people, especially the narrow-minded ones. There are people who will tell you (with a sneer) that ‘studying ecology at college is a waste of time’. And based on that mentality, you may find that the college administrators also have reservations about the idea of establishing a faculty of ecological studies in their institution.

All said and done, to establish a faculty of ecological studies in a college, you will need to:

  1. Sell the concept to the college administrators: so this is just a question of getting the college administrators to agree to the idea of having a faculty of ecological studies in their institution. You need to demonstrate to them the fact that having an ecological studies faculty is likely to enhance the college’s profile. And that the new faculty is likely to translate into higher staff numbers, higher student numbers and hence enhanced funding for the college.
  2. Acquire the space where the faculty is to be based: so here we are looking at the faculty offices, the labs, the students’ lecture halls… and so on.
  3. Recruit the faculty members: this may be a question of getting people with graduate and doctorate degrees to accept to join your new faculty. It can be challenging because such people are few and far apart.
  4. Recruit the support staff for the faculty: this, thankfully, is not as hard as recruiting the faculty members. The qualifications for support staff are lower, and you therefore have a larger pool of people to recruit from. You may, for instance, find someone working at the local Darden restaurant who nonetheless has the qualifications to work as support staff in a faculty of ecological studies. This would be a person who gets work schedules through Darden’s krowd portal. Yet he is likely to be more than eager to get work in a college faculty: which would save him from the pain of having to visit the krowd olive garden login page on a daily basis to get work schedules.
  5. Invite students into the faculty: once you have the space for the faculty, as well as the faculty members and faculty staff, the final step is to invite students to join the faculty. You will probably have to wait for the next (college-wide) student intake to get the first students in your new ecological studies faculty.

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