How to Finance an Ecological Society Conference

You need to have some money, for you to be in a position to organize a successful ecological society conference. The money would, for instance, be used to pay for the premises where the ecological society conference would be held. The money would also be used to pay for the public address system and other equipment necessary to make the conference a success. The money may also be used to transport the attendees to the conference venue, and to pay the people who would be speaking at the conference. Clearly, there is need for some money. And the question that arises is as to how you can get this money, to finance an ecological society conference.

In my experience, there are three main ways in which you can get the money to finance an ecological society conference, namely:

  1. By using the ecological society member subscription fees: you can get the members of the ecological society to be paying subscription fees (monthly, annually or otherwise). Then you can convince them to use part of the money raised that way to finance the ecological society conference.
  2. By getting the attendees to pay registration fees: you can tell the people who are interested in attending the conference to pay registration fees. Then the money obtained this way can be used to finance the conference. To this end, you can set up a webpage where people who are interested in attending the conference can sign up, and subsequently pay the registration fees. To access the said webpage, the members may be required to go through a sign in screen – similar to the paycomonline sign in screen – after which they can access the system, confirm their attendance, and proceed to pay the required registration fees. If you have a huge number of attendees, you may be able to raise all the funds you need for the conference in this way.
  3. By getting corporate entities to sponsor the conference: this is where, for instance, you can get a university or a research institute with interests in ecological matters to sponsor the conference. The university or research institute would stand to get publicity, in exchange for the sponsorship it gives to the ecological society conference.

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