Organizing Entertainment for Ecological Society Conference Attendees

If you are organizing a big ecological society conference, you need to consider having some sort of entertainment for the attendees. This is being the attendees are likely to need something to occupy their time in between conference sessions. Furthermore, if you put in place good entertainment, your ecological society conference is likely to come across as a ‘grand’ affair. Conversely, if you don’t have any sort of entertainment in place, there will inevitably be a feeling that your conference was not ‘complete’. This is because people have come to be accustomed to having entertained at these sorts of events. You therefore really need to have some sort of entertainment.

Some of the options open to you, while organizing entertainment for ecological society conference attendees include:

  1. Inviting a live band
  2. Getting a DJ to play music
  3. Inviting a circus group

Whatever entertainment you put in place, it is important to ensure that the attendees are also served with food and drinks. It will be very hard for the attendees to enjoy whatever entertainment you put in place if their bellies are grumbling. Thus, whatever you charge the attendees as conference fees has to include something to cater for food, drinks and the entertainment. So could end up having to charge quite a hefty sum of money. Yet some of the attendees may be folks of modest means. You could, for instance, be looking at an unemployed ecologist, who is currently sustaining himself through a temp job at a company like, say, PepsiCo. So he has to visit the Mypepsico website to receive a modest paycheck, based on the hours worked on the floor. So you are assured that every time such an individual signs in at the My pepsico login page, he is going to get a modest paycheck. Yet, out of that paycheck, you expect him to pay for a conference package that includes the core conference fees, entertainment, food and drink. It is tricky – but it has to be done. Otherwise the attendees will feel that they attended an ‘incomplete’ conference.

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