Recruiting Staff to Run an Ecology Lab

After building an ecology lab and equipping it, the next challenge will be that of recruiting the staff to run the facility. If it is a lab that is meant to be used on a daily basis, then chances are that you will need to hire people on a full-time basis, to keep it running in the right way. You can’t expect the students or members of faculty who will be using the ecology lab to also be the ones in charge of running it. Running an ecology lab, as one comes to learn, is quite an involving task: one that typically requires full-time personnel.

Before setting out to recruit staff to run the ecology lab, you will need to ensure that you have a budget with which to pay them. This means that you will first need to sit down, and undertake the necessary calculations (on how much money you would need to pay the ecology lab personnel) before embarking on the actual recruitment. This is pretty much similar to how you’d have to undertake calculations, to find out how much it would take to maintain a credit card before applying for one. So, you’d have to run such calculations before entering the reservation number to complete the credit card’s application.

When it comes to the actual recruitment, you may decide to opt for an open process: where you advertise the ecology lab jobs, short-list the applicants and then undertake interviews to select the ones to work with. This approach would give you a wide pool of applicants to choose from. But on the downside, many of the applicants may turn out to be jokers whom you waste a lot of time on, and end up finding none who is suitable for the job. Alternatively, you may opt to head-hunt or recruit internally – the latter being a case where, for instance, you just transfer the lab technicians in another department to the ecology lab. Whatever approach you use, you need to ensure that the people you hire are individuals who are conversant with ecology lab operations, and people who have a positive attitude to work.

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